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We are the most effective intermediary between the brand, advertiser and listener.


We are an expert number 1 in the field of radio asset management, broadcasting organization, sales, on-air programming and regional radio stations marketing.

Our values:

  • Team Leadership
  • We are successful, professional and rapt team of like-minded people and we are responsible to each other for the success of the company.

  • Focus on results
  • Efforts deserve recognition, but true value in the results.

  • Innovation
  • We use advanced and most effective management technologies, broadcasting organization, sales, marketing and on-air programming.

  • Impossible is possible
  • We are developing because we set and successfully solve problems that we ourselves find impossible.

  • Directness, honesty, responsibility
  • We work qualitatively, observing the laws, without defending anyone’s political interests, in accordance with the notions of morality and ethics and we are responsible to the society for the result of our work.